Shoot your shotgun to blast evil Cacti away and launch yourself in the air! A fun Platformer-Shooter which also requires a bit of smart thinking. Made for the MixAndGameJam 2020. The Theme was Mixing Genres. The Game will be polished, expanded, and then released for free here on Itch and on Android!


Left Click to shoot your shotgun. It can be used to defeat enemies and to fling you in the opposite direction. You can shoot two times until having to land again. You reload automatically on the ground.

If you ever get stuck on a Ledge, please click on the Pause icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and choose reset. You will be teleported to the last checkpoint.


Your daughter wants to marry a guy who has no family, no job, no money. They know each other since childhood, and he promises to do everything he can to provide for your daughter. But he can't even afford a Wedding Ring

'This will not do at all!' you think, as you grab your gun. You shoot at the ground and fly towards the canyons. If you can find a mine, you can find gold. No daughter of yours will marry without a Golden Ring!

Current State

The game features one Level with various Hazards and one lively Enemy Type! Jump through the Canyons and search through a mine to find ... A Dead End?! Well, maybe next patch you can get a Pickaxe ...

The game is in active development. The first bugfixes will come soon. The first real content update will come in the next months.

If you want more about how we developed the game, read the Devlog linked below!

Updated 3 hours ago
Published 10 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorApe Egg Games
GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withUnreal Engine, Blender, Aseprite
Tags2D, Funny, Low-poly, Short, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


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Development log


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you should put a under construction sign

Yeah, that's a good idea! In the next few days, we'll upload an update. At the end of it, there will be a sign explaining that it is a demo and more will be available in the future. Do you think that is enough or should we put an under construction sign somewhere else as well?


ima spend time looking for bugs for you

Thank you a lot for your effort! A lot of stuff will be fixed in a patch in a few days. If you really want to do some testing, it would be best, if you waited for it.
I think it will also be more fun for you :)

(1 edit) (+1)

When you enter your cursor into the center of the player this happens:

Thank you for the bug report. We knew the bug existed for a while now, but you are the first user to point it out - well spotted! This won't be fixed in the next patch, but it is on our to do list :)


that has been happening like every time i get there but i think in the far right of it is a small gap it falls down i think.

nvm i dont think theres a hole

i think i just accidentally shot it and it looked like it fell

Thank you for the info! That cactus is a bit of a trublemaker. We changed some things, so he may not fall down in the next patch. We really need to make him much smarter though, so we will overhaul his behaviour later on :)

well they are evil ;>


Really fun game so far! I love to speedrun it, could you maybe add a Timer at the End in the future? Looking forward to further improvements!

Great idea! We were wondering if we should add a timer in the patch this week or not. Because you asked for it, we will add it :) Thanks Gandy

The game now has a timer - you just have to enable it in the options menu :)

When you drop between the edges and have no bullets left, you are stucked because you do not get new bullets because the game thinks your are flying!

Got trapped again, but in a different place!


Thank you for the report! The bug was fixed today and the patch will be live in the next few days. The fault was with the player controller, so then you should not get anywhere at all :)


has happened to me too but i forgot to screeny it


make a mobile version eventually i think if you had  a joystick on the left and shoot button on the right the joystick to aim and well yknow the rest :0

Mobile version is already planned! :)  The controls I had in mind were just tapping where you want to shoot. Then you won't need a joystick, which is easier and more fun, I think. Do you think that would be a good idea?


yes and i just relized your name and prof pic are related did you make the pic yourself


or make it a setting to change between those modes for more playing preferences

Yeah, when the controller support is added, we will make it optional instead getting rid of the mouse controls. Good idea.

Yeah, I made a 3D animation which should play when you start the downloaded windows version of the game. The Egg and the Ape were also both made by me :)


i really would like to play your game truly but its not even finished :'''(

True. By next week we should be able to upload a slightly improved version and a bigger update will come in the next few months.


i didnt realize how new this game was till i looked


im stuck at a dead end im confused is there no more than that?????

Yeah, sorry about that. We ran out of time, since we had only 48 hours. I am organizing our tasks right now - adding a proper ending to the level is our second highest priority right now.


really ill make shur to com back then ill remember and even tell all my freinds and my brother

Thank you, that is very kind of you! If you want to get notified about our updates, we would appreciate a follow :)


already have now

Thank you :)


also i am going to play your other games aswell


Love the game! Great idea! I did notice that if you got to the dead end in the cave and jump up, the ceiling disappears for a second. I don't know if there is a way to fix that, but it isn't that big of a deal.   

Hey, glad you like the game! I looked into the bug and already know what is causing it. Thank you a lot for bringing this to our attention! I will try to have it removed in the next version :)


Awesome concept and great execution!  All I'm concerned with is the fact that there is no ending.  So, in my opinion, just add more to the game and add an ending.  Great job!

"Just add more of what you already made" is a very flattering feedback, thank you! In next weeks first bug-fixing patch, we'll add some kind of ending to the first Level :)


Where is the finish????

Unfortunately, the finish is a dead end in the cave. Sorry about that. This game was made for a 48 hour game jam. Next week we will upload an update with the most important bug fixes.
We'll add some kind of end for the first Level then.


A very simplistic concept but not a bad concept very addictive moving with the shot is a very fun concept.

Thank you! Glad you like our idea :)



Haha, glad you think our Textures are as good as the one from Minecraft :D  No, all Textures hand-made (our Pixel Artist bought Aseprite just for this gamejam), but Minecraft definitely was one big inspiration for us.


We love this game! Would love to see this turned into something bigger. Has the potential to be infuriating like Getting Over It. lol


Absolutely great video! The game wasn't intended to be this hard. Most likely the future versions will have easier levels at first and fairer, but harder levels later on.
Thank you very much for the compliments and for making nice content! :)


good ',:)


Thank you :)


my man nice ta see u make a new game lol

Thank you mate :)   Took me long enough, but I am planning to release or update frequently on itch from now on!


yo also can u have contoller support please erm i dont like keyboards

Very good idea! Aiming with the stick and shooting with a button could work really well. Just noted it down, but not sure, when we'll implement it. Since the game currently doesn't require a keyboard, do you feel keeping the mouse controls is okay for now?


um sure

Thank you for your opinion - then I mark it as relatively low priority for now, but I did add it to our list.